Food Storage 101

by - April 23, 2008

With all of the rising prices in gas and in food, it is important to be educated and also important to be able to take care of your family in an emergency. My cousin Shandra hosts a food storage program called. Click here to be directed to her link. There is also so much information at
Elder L Tom Perry reminds us that "for many years, Church leaders have counseled members to prepare to care for themselves and their families in times of need. This includes, to the extent that local laws and personal circumstances allow, storing and saving a one-year supply of food." I could say a lot more about the importance of food storage. McKay and I have goal to have our year supply in stock before the baby is born. Last Saturday we spent hours and hours organizing and accounting for our food storage. It was a lot more fun that I thought it would be and the best part was that we did it together. Who needs a date night when you can spend a good portion of a Saturday in the basement? :)Which is another soap box of mine.... continue to date your spouse!

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