Baby shower in California

by - May 04, 2008

Thanks to all who were able to come to the baby shower. It was so wonderful to see everyone and to catch up. I think the biggest surpises was Cassie coming and Jenn. Jenn is my old roomie from my time at BYUH and she is actually from France. Everyone looked so beautiful and I just loved all of teh cute clothes and goodies for our little miracle. It seems much more real now with little diapers for her little bumm and little poo-pooh's. I bet her poo will be so cute!

Speaking of baby, she is now 21 weeks old and growing. Baby center online says that she is the size of a carrot now. It is incredible to feel her moving and to see that she is growing inside of me. I already love her so much and, as previously said, i fall more and more in love with McKay each day.

As McKay mentioned, I am in Hawaii. Maui actually. But I just had to rave about the product we purchased before i came out here. Its called a BElla BaNd. See picture at right. Anyhow, this is really incredible and it works! Thats the most amazing part! So now I am no longer restricted to maternity clothes. And judging from the last credit card bill, that is a VERY good thing to not have to buy.

The bella band is, basically, a glorified tube top that fits down around your belly. It comes in all colors and now there is a lace trimmed one. It mirrors an extra layer of clothing so no one knows that it isn't. It is perfect for during and post baby. The deal is, you put the band over your once too snug regular clothes, which remain unzipped, and the band is tight enough that it holds up the pants, skirt, etc... Honestly, not too many things impress me but this one sure does. So, if you know anyone who may need this little wonder or hear people talking about it, now you know.

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