Texas Here We Come! Yeehoo!

by - June 16, 2008

So as my wife already mentioned we are heading to the state where the stars at night are big and bright...deep in the heart of Texas. Yay! You just don't know how much I am looking forward to drowning and choking on the heavy air they call humidity down there. I actually lived in Texas for the summer 2 years ago, but my dear wife has never been there yet has a strange fixation with the state. Well, I can tell you this much...I am definitely not going to let the phrase Y'all enter my vocabulary. I will never, no never, forget my proud Utah roots, nor the fact that I am from the only city in the world that will soon have 2 temples. Yes, there will be many things that I shall miss about the state I call home. I love the mountains, the canyons, the 4 seasons, the snowboarding and skiing, the boating at Lake Powell and even Utah Lake, the mountain creeks, the leaves changing colors in the fall, BYU football and basketball, the Utah Jazz, UTA, Temple Square, the proximity of temples, General Conference (well up close and personal general conference), the national parks in southern Utah, Thanksgiving trips to Saint George, the BYU-Utah rivalry, the cool summer nights and mornings, the red hot summer days at the pool (without the humidity), the look of freshly fallen snow, great hikes, my house, my ward, oh and yes my family.
Well, having said that I take no looks back and I press onto the future for what surely will be a great adventure. Hey, I probably will get to take up something that I have wanted to do for a long time kite-boarding! I am excited for the new position at work and the new relationships I will make. I am excited for ward we will be moving in and for the chance to be in the mission field once again. I am excited to not hear my wife complain about being cold. I am excited to show my wife the beautiful city of San Antonio, which will now only be a couple hours away. I am excited for the Texas barbecues and to become a barbecuing expert.
Out with the old and in with the new. Houston, ready or not, here we come!

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