This family is cRazY!!!!

by - June 07, 2008

Today was a BIG day! Let me tell you about it. McKay played in a golf tournament for work and did... o.k. He will have to tell you about his amazing golf skills in his next blog. Anyhow, we FINALLY rode the infamous Frontrunner! Wahoo!!! It took us an about 90minutes to get from Roy, UT to Sandy, UT. The ride was smooth and comfy and clean and... we had wi-fi the whole time so we also were very efficient. We had been waiting for this day for oh so long and we were not disappointed. For all of you who have yet to experience this one of a kind train ride, join the rest of the population on the Frontrunner bandwagon.
My next update is to tell you that we.... have awesome cousins. They planned this whole cousins date night with dinner and games and a grahm-cracker house contest. It was fabulous and a LOT of work no doubt.

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