First time to downtown

by - July 26, 2008

Today we went to downtown Houston. Wow... it was a blast! We did a little sight seeing and out to dinner (of course), followed by a relaxing evening at ComedySportz. Oh, I can't forget to mention that we came home and watched Karate Kid 3. I love big cities as much as I love open countrysides.

There is an enormous waterfall wall in downtown. This was the backpart of it. Lots of people take pictures here for weddings or engagements or quincinera's. Across from the Waterwall is the Galleria. It is a gigantic mall. It reminded me of Honolulu becuase there were a lot of other ethnic groups, hummer limos, and expensive stores that some I could not pronounce. We decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory... oh and that was funny!

There was a said store that was hard for me to pronounce. So, when we were asked for our names at Cheesecake, McKay, in all seriousness and looking as natural and calm as anything replies "Buyakia." I just started at him trying not to laugh right there at the hostess desk. (that was the name of the store). :)
Well, i had to get him back. Our poor server. We were sat quickly and the service was great. Our server asked us if we wanted anything to drink. McKay said water and I had pulled out my own bottled water from my ourse and said to our server "no thanks, I have some here." I think he thought were were going to be cheap tippers so he didn't really come around after that to wait on us. I don't blame him. But it was so worth it.

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