Sleep has gone on vacation

by - August 23, 2008

Well, it is 1:37am right now and this is not the first time I have been victim of my precious sleep taking a leave of absence. While just last night it was almost sunrise before I was able to find dream land... and yet, soon I know that sleep will come back and be my visitor. But probably not for the next few months from what I hear.

I am now 9 months pregnant! YAHOO! Now I am anxious for that little one to come out of me and join both McKay and I in the world. It is a bit daunting to think about. But I have loved so many things about being pregnant and at now 1:40am I need to remind myself to look on the bright side.

I love feeling her move, eating ice cream and not feeling guilty, picking out pink, and setting up her crib and bedroom. I love when she is so active it feels like a rollercoaster and then watching McKay's expression as he feels her move too. That is classic and one I wish I could capture. Looking at newborn pictures, waiting in the lobby for the Dr., and yes---even the late nights when the house is sleeping becuase it is so peacful.

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