One Month Old

by - October 11, 2008

Jaedyn is now our one month old darling of fun. Having a baby has been great becuase I get to play dress up with her.... it is a real, live barbie-doll. We went to Olan Mills today and took pictures. The photo package we were offered was a free one and won't be ready until the end of the month. So, we decided to do our own little photo shoot. She is getting better at staying awake and keeping open her beautiful baby blues. That she inherited from her incredible daddy. Jaedyn LOVES tummy time and has been spending her tummy time learning to hold up her head. This has been wonderful to watch but when she was taking pictures today she kept trying to hold up her head when she was on her tummy. It was pretty funny to watch the photographer trying to get her to lay down. So, in a nutshell, she has been growing like crazy and nowhe is now up to 9lbs and going on 22" long. We are looking forward to seeing family in November in Utah and I am sure she will easily steal their hearts there as she has done to ours.

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