My new business

by - October 23, 2008

I make other people's picture memories into scrapbooks. Yep, you read it right. It all started with my own passion for scrapbooking (or rather love-hate realationship with it. It takes a lot of time a creativity.) Before Jaedyn was born I made it a goal to finsh my mission pictures, McKay's mission pictures, our wedding and honeymoon scrapbook, and finally, our first year of marriage. Oh, and also Jaedyn's development and my pregnancy with her. Well, soon I was doing sign-in books for weddings and after my best one of Brandon and Shelby wedding, I got a request from a girl to do her first one for her reception. I am really excited and will have to take pictures of the pages to show-off! And at only $120, it's quite the deal. If you know anyone else that wants to have thier pictrues scrapbook-ed for them, send them my way.

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