Jaedyn got sprayed and shot today

by - November 17, 2008

Two months old and such a little trooper! (or boxer if you look at the photo). This morning when I went to nurse her (after 6 hours because she slept through the night!!!!!) She got sprayed after she started to nurse and then pulled away. Poor little girl was all splashed with momma's milk. I just started lauging and she looked quite surprised.

Jaedyn also had her two month well-check up and also had three shots and one oral vaccine. YUCK! The results from the Doctor were great... she is growing well and developing on time and her heart mummur has healed. Jaedyn was such an angel through it all and was smiling the whole time the nurse checked her over. Me, on the other hand.... well, I was crying of course when the shots were given. But I do have to say that I did attempt to put on a brave face. I think I deserve a lollipop for effort.
Today has been quite the day and I am glad that it is almost over. Hopefully nothing more eventful will take place.. .knock on wood!

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