Rental House Scam! BEWARE!!!!

by - December 15, 2008

Many of you know we have been trying to rent our home. We posted it on craigslist and this is what we got. (see below). This is a total scam so be aware if you try to put up housing and receive this back. Does anyone really ever believe this email?

I saw your apartment advertised on and am interested inrenting it. I will be signing a one year lease for it and want to know therequirements for renting it. i.e Monthly Fees: Security DepositElectricity/Utility Bills I will be doing a one year research on pharmacywork while in the states and will be staying with my wife and daughter .Iwill appreciate it if i hear from you in time as i will want to conclude therental process before the 5th of January Thank you.
Dr Micheal Jones PhD.(Chemist) Christie Hospital NHS Trust Winslow Road,Worthington, ManchesterM20 4BX United Kingdom+447024031289

and then....

Hello , Thanks for your response and here is a brief introduction about my self;i am a Pharmacist by profession and I am currently working with the Woodstock Pharmacy, Woodstock,United Kingdom. I will be relocating to the united states of America for the next one year and during my stay i will be working for the United States Implants & orthopedic Agency on a private research work. I hereby reaffirm my interest about renting your home and will be willing to offer you one month rent for a start, plus the security deposit in order to secure the unit prior to our arrival to the united states. I have a financier based in U.S.A and he will be the one handling the rent deposit payment on our behalf,i will instruct him to send you a bank Check in payment for the rent as soon as you give me the go ahead to send payment to you. I'll be coming with my wife and daughter Due to the limited time that we have before our arrival and in line with my work schedule ,we are making arrangements with a furniture company to supply the home with furnitures ,so we will need you to provide us with the accurate measurements of the living room and bedroom so that we can send it to the furniture company and they supply the unit with furniture that would fit in well... i would really appreciate it if you could send me some pictures of the living room and the bed rooms.As regards the lease agreement form,you can have it forwarded to me for review.though i will have it filled and signed on our arrival to your place because i am of the opinion that such vital document is best filled and signed physically. We can start the lease by 5th of January and it shall be for a period of 12 months. You can prepare the lease in my name and that of my wife (Dr.Jones & Susan Jones. Let me know how to move ahead as I intend to complete this deal before I move in a couple of days. I want all the arrangement to be solidified so I settle in comfortably when I arrive. I will let you know the exact date as soon as I get a booking on a flight to the states.I will look forward to your e mail with the required information.Here is my phone number +447024031289Thanks and sincere regards from me and my precious family. I await your urgent response.Dr.Jones

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