My life thus far as a mom. Dialog between me and my baby

by - June 22, 2009

Me: "Jaedyn, come here sweetie" (thinking to myself, why doesn't she come.) Then (oh yeah, she is 9 month old).

Jaedyn: "Huh!" (or Haha then a nice long growl followed by her once more biting my shoulder with all 8 of her teeth)

Me: "Ok, baby, time to get ready for bed"
Jaedyn: (no way) so she crawls/runs/gallops under the table, chair, and attempt to even fit herself in the cupboard

Me: "Go play while mommy cooks dinner please"
Jaedyn: (dinner, i'm hungry too. Maybe if I just walk over there and hang on her pants she will drop some for me. Oh look, mom is still in her P.J's. I bet I can pants her.... again.
Me: "Oh man Jaedyn, you just pantsed mommy!"

McKay and Makana kissing: smooch, smooch, wwhhhatttt??
Jaedyn: Thats MY MOM! You can't kiss her. (and she proceeds to grab McKay, pretty funny)

Makana: "Jaedyn Maliana, come down off the stairs please"
Jaedyn: Right, not going to happen... SUPER SPEED ON!!! and up she goes in 1 second flat

Makana: Jaed, lets change you diaper
Jaedyn: Ok, but after you do, I am going to go poop, no matter how long you think you can wait, I will wait even longer (thus my baby becomes constipapted which is pretty funny to watch her go poop then)

Makana: singing "da dada dada ddaadadddaaa"
Jaedyn: "da dada dada ddaadaddaaaaaaa "

I really love being a mom and a wife. It has been the best choice I have ever made.

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