Oh Dallas....

by - July 05, 2009

See the "X". That is where JFK was shot. Big attraction. People run out in the busy street and take a picture on the X before traffic comes along.
The cousins July 4th picture together. Jacob, John, Cloey, Jaedyn
At the Dallas Temple. It was really bright. Cloey is shading her eyes

Well, I can not get this to stay right side up. Anyhow, there is a park with all of these statues of long-horned cattle being herded.

a Pictures: The famous Pegasus. Lovers Lane, Jaedyn at a park in Dallas w water,

Pictures: I got us matching Flag Shirts. :)
Picture with a cowboy at the Forth worth Stock Yards.
Girls Only picture

We LOVED our July 4th trip to Dallas. We had stayed at this great B&B called "Knudsen Inn". We even had built in helpers for Jaedyn. We saw long-horned cattle, goats (none of which were named Pig), and even witnessed a cowboy shoot out.

We went to see our cousins Tina and Tyler bless their little boy John (who I kept calling Jacob).
We were fed so well and treated like royalty. Thank you Tina and Tyler!

We went to the horse races which, if you looked close at the ticket, you read "NO SMOKING" (in small, tiny printing). And we saw where JFK was killed (is it strange and creepy to anyone else that something like that is a tourist attraction?), and met some interesting people.

lone stranger: (to me) Oh, your baby is so cute.
Me: Thanks (really, this happens everywhere we go all of the time. She is cute though)
lone stranger: Uhm, is he (meaning Jaedyn who has a bow in her hair and is wearing a skirt with red ruffles and pink sandels) a boy or a girl
Me: Oh, she is a little girl (I look at Jaed and think, maybe if she wears makeup and wears high heels it would be more obvious)
lone stranger: (i imagine feeling really awkward at this point) She is just darling! (and walks off feeling perhaps a little embarrassed and me just laughing at the whole thing)

More funny conversations:
We stayed up "late" (late for us: after 10pm) playing PIT. There are 4 of us. Tyler, Tina, McKay and I.
Me: Wow, this game you have to play with at least 3. That's too bad you can't play with two
Tina: (she starts crackin' up) How would you play with two?!
Me: (I picture this event, two people playing PIT.) I start cracking up also.
Pretty soon, we are all laughing , tryimg to be quiet about it since all the kids are sleeping.
ok, that was a lot more funny when it happened

The same night, Cloey comes out of her room and sees us with the jug of licorice. She starts crying and says "Don't eat all the candy!"

You know the "Dad Jokes?" The not-really-funny-mostly-cheesy-jokes that only Dad's tend to tell. McKay is getting SO good at them. He is recording the cattle drive down at the Fort Worth Stockyards and sees a WORNG WAY sign and says "Oh, hurry! Someone tell the cows they are going the wrong way!"

Man, after re-reading this, none of it seems as funny as it did at the time... oh well.

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