Vegas Weightlifter's Anonymous Club

by - July 23, 2009

When I was young, my Mom taught us kids to loathe Las Vegas. We almost felt like we were doing something horribly wrong for even stopping to get gas in Sin City on our way to our yearly summer vacation in San Diego. Now keep in mind, that these trips through Vegas were made 10-15 years ago when Vegas (or at least the Strip) was a completely different town, populated by a different sort of people. In fact, I remember asking her once why we didn't want to stop there and she told me that it was because she just felt weird because of all the strange people that were there. Then, as if to prove her point, we did pull off along the Strip at some fast food chain like McDonald's and I DID SEE probably the strangest people I had seen up to that point in my life walking down the strip in the craziest set of clothes. I was convinced after that and being young and scared of crazy people had no desire to come back.

I wouldn't really get to know Las Vegas until my college years, when my roommates and I made many memorable trips down to Vegas when BYU was playing UNLV. It was a great roadgame to go to because of the proximity, the buffets, and the fact that we always won. It was during this time that I began to appreciate the people of Vegas and it even became one of the things I looked forward to because crazy people are interesting and they make for great stories.

So this last trip to Vegas wouldn't have been complete without seeing at least one strange thing that you don't see every day. And Vegas being true to herself and her past, didn't disappoint. This time we were far removed from the actual strip when we happened upon this guy. We had just finished touring Red Rock Canyon and I wanted to see what Bonnie Springs was (thinking that it was some natural springs to which we could return later. Well Bonnie Springs turned out to be a major disappointment, being nothing more than a tourist trap town with a $20 entrance fee (don't worry we didn't pay), but the trip was well worth it because on the turnoff to the town a guy had parked his mustang, laid out a mat and was curling a dumbbell just 5 feet off the road, but in the middle of the desert. Now keep in mind that this was at 12:00 in the afternoon in Vegas! It was probably around 115 degrees outside. I prodded Makana to take a video as we drove by. What the video doesn't show though is that he looked over at us as we were beginning to film and gave us one nasty glare. Needless to stay, we didn't stick around much longer after that. Oh and sorry for the shaky camera and bad narration.

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