I know you've all been waiting...

by - August 31, 2009

To get your hands on the same, amazing shirt that I made Makana for her birthday. So I decided I would finally post the picture and link of the shirt that I made Makana for her birthday. It looks pretty cool (if I do say so myself). If you too would like to sport this stylin' shirt, you can go to the store and buy it for under $30.00. This is a much better deal than the other one they were selling for $42 that Makana blogged about earlier.

The best part about this shirt is that it is customizable. You can click on the shirt and change the color of the shirt, type of shirt (like if you want a burn out or a V-neck), color of font. You can even change the number of kids you have and it's really easy to do it. You can also go make your own from scratch. Enjoy!

Go here to view it.

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