In trouble. Again

by - August 26, 2009

I found the BEST blog. And she found these. Or she made them. Which I hope not because suddenly my self-worth is based on a blog and a teal living room with an ugly T.V. Aside from the t.v, I think my little living room will be seeing a facelift soon... minus the fireplace. And the crown molding. Oh, and the bald baby in the walker.

This WILL be Jaeydn's. Well, when she is big enough for a big bed. So in 3 years. Everthing about this bedroom scream my name. Maybe I need a ned room for me too. Yes. 2 rooms for me.

And these too. But I may try them out on my couch first because I LOVE them, Yes. I said Love. And it was reffering to the pillows and the weird colors that somehow give me a sense of comfort and of peace. Go figure
Why would anyone want a chicken like this? WHO WOULDN'T! This is awesome. Please. Please. Wish for Christmas=One chicken laying an egg. In Vinyl.

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