We LOVE BYU enough to drive

by - September 12, 2009

Not that the drive was far. 4 hours from Houston to Dallas. We got to visit with Tina and Tyler which is ALWAYS a blast. We wish it could have been longer.

Apparently the Dallas Cowboys Stadium is new this year. THIS is the Inagural year... as manifested by the $10 Popcorn tubs you can buy or the "reusable" cups for $8. (read: paper dipped in wax).

Of course, the NCAA wanted the game of BYU vs #3 Oklahoma to be fair. This was why they picked a very neautral territory such as Dallas. Keep in mind a man saw me in my blue and said "Welcome to Southern Oklahoma!" McKay and I and a few friends stood tall and proud in our blue against the ever increasing red. I know the ratio was 1 blue to 10 red.... at least!

Seriously, it was incredible. Rather than talk=-type, just watch.

I wanted to show you HOW BIG the HD TV is inside. What I love about this stadium besides the TV and the cute boy kissing me whenever BYU did something good? IT WAS AIR CONDITIONED! No sunburn, no sweating, just pure paradise. I bet heaven ALWAYS has A/C

Btw, go BYU! Funny that they are playing Toulane, LA because we will be there in TWO weeks.

And... this is THE touchdown that won it for us. Please bless BYU to keep winning.

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