by - October 02, 2009

Clean the kitchen while cookies are baking and the dishwasher is on and there is laundry needing to be started. Oh, and Jaedyn is eating (its all over the place), while I am half-watching a movie that is going on in the living room because I have to return it today. And I have a big party tonight. Whew.
That is why I am MUM! "Multitasking-Underestimated-Mother" I am trying to find a better acronym. Oh well.
I am always being asked how I find time to do what I do. I remember saying to myself "I'll do that...sometime." or "I could never make time for that." After a while I got tired of hearing myself say those things and finally said "Self! No more excuses!" In light of my book being published and two more in the works... I saw this cartoon and it has inspired me.

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