by - August 16, 2010

I am sure the hubbs is happy for the 7 day marathon to be over. For me though, it is always a little sad when it ends. Good thing the anniversary is real close behind. This year it my turn to plan it though. More if that in a little while.

Day 1: Ice cream, new cut
Day 2: Pioneer Woman Cookbook
Day 3: Starbucks Strawberry Frappachino
Day 4: Dinner cooked by the hubbs, turning back time for me so we can watch Lost
me: I can't watch it. It's too late
him: Hello Moshi (our talking alarm clock). Set time. 8:00pm. There. Now its 8.
Day 5: Sealings, dinner at BJ's, visit with Berlin.
Day 6: Surprise in the YW Room at church, Family Birthday Party. This is the cake my sister made.
Day 7: Lunch with the Girls, SALT and MarbleSlab, 1 hour massage gift certificate.

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