Meet the Teacher. That's me!

by - August 26, 2010

Well hello there. I am the new preschool teacher here. And here is my scary-looking picture. I am not saying that in a self-depreciating way. Are we looking at the same picture? Because I am little "strange". Hmm, not quite the right phrasing. I think that I look a little strange. Is it the green wall behind that gives it an alien feel? 


Last night was meet the teacher (me) night. It was lovely. I interact with the kiddos so much that it was nice to meet the wonderful parents who are raising these precious children. The toddler spent the evening with the Hubbs and a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. She loves them. He loves them. They love each other. Perfect. School starts on Monday and I will be taking the Toddler with me. That arrangement worked out nicely I have to say. One of the best parts I like about it is that there is a focus on motor skills. There are so many studies that show how important both fine and gross motor skills are. 

so in conclusion...

I really really like my "other job". My first job is to be a great wife. Then to be a great Mother. And then to be a great teacher. With all these expectations to be great... I think I need to be a giant. And I am. I am pretty wonderful and stupendous. No disagreeing allowed. 

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