What a weekend!

by - August 30, 2010

What a weekend! I think we were making up fpr last weekend when we stayed inside all weekend long. 
Built a bus at Lowes. 

Tried to ride a bike

Awesome-possum ward pool party. As expected the Toddler LOVED the diving board until we were not so sweetly told that floaties are not allowed in the diving tank. So we let her jump off without them and the life guard had to jump in and get her. Well, at least we wanted to do that since it seems like a silly rule especially for a private party event. We also saw Despicable Me in 3-D. That was one funny movie. The toddler sat through the whole thing while the Hubbs and I laughed and laughed. And Laughed. It is probably even more funny since becoming a parent. Or just remembering how annoying we were as kids.  For example:

Gru: [to the girls] You will not cry, or sneeze or barf or fart! No annoying sounds.
Agnes: Does this count as annoying?
[puckles her cheeks


Dr. Nefario: Here's the new weapon you ordered.
[Shoots minion with the fart gun]
Gru: No, no, no. I said DART gun.
Dr. Nefario: Oh yes. Cause I was wondering... under what circumstances would we use this?
Gru: Ok... 


Agnes: I like him. He's nice.
Edith: He's scary.
Agnes: Like Santa. 

So have you seen it? You should. Its a classic. 

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