Deciding to not or to....

by - September 29, 2010

I did it. I made a decision. Amazing, I know. Hold your applause please until the end.

I recently decided to be a super-duper-amazing-perfect-10 mom and wife. I am happy. I am at peace.
I decided that, in general, people who enter into my realm of friendship rarely stay there. Its not me, its you. And I am not saying that to be rude. I probably should not say it at all. Now I have to clean my windows... but it ties into my next thought.....

You really never know why people do things they do. What made them decide that over this? I don't know. But that it why I just have to love them. You don't. But I will. At least I will try. I have a big heart and that sometimes  (i mean often) backfires.

Blah blah blah... is anyone even reading this? It doesn't matter. Because I decided that I am really the only one that can make myself feel a certain way.

So back to my original decision, I know that I will not always be a 10. But I can try. I can put on a happy face when I want to roll me eyes. I can use a soft and kind voice when I want to cry and scream. And I can always say yes to every adventure God sees fit to give me, good and easy or not so much. And whether that means I will be an afterthought to friends and sometimes family, so be it.

Because we all have trials and weaknesses. Thank God for them. It keeps me humble and on my knees.

the end. 

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