Six Flags+Alamo+family=San Antonio

by - September 09, 2010

Howdy y'all!

Whoever thought of Labor Day was GENIUS! I seriously think that we should have a 4 day weekend once a month at least. We really had a great time. I think beside me just talking I will rather show you. But for the sake of ... sake, here is what we were able to do: Alamo, eat on the Riverwalk, Six Flags and waterpark, Birthday party for the Toddler, San Antonio Temple, Japanese Tea Gardens, Cathedral, Governors Mansion, King William Historical District, pizza and blue bell ice cream, swimming, and the list goes on. (and forgive the obviously edited photos. I am playing around with a editor and getting used to it all. They are awesome though!)

The toddler and Grandma hand in hand
the hubbs, Mrs. Stephens, and future PA
aside from the highly chlorinated indoor pool that bleached everything, future PA did snap this great photo of yours truly and the toddler
perfect example why a good camera matters. This was a snapshot. I love that the background is faded
all of us at Six Flags, not that the giant Tweety and big banner behind didn't tell you that already. We took turns going on big rides and taking the Toddler on rides for her species. Grandma did most of it though...
and true to form the toddler DID NOT want to leave this one. 
The hubbs, Mrs. Stephens and Future PA at one of the missions. Before Church we toured the Mission Trail. I am not sure what to say about this pose though. Any suggestions? Anyone, anyone?
We loved riding teh dtreetcar. Although one night as we diligently waited, we found ourselves in teh middle of a pub run. Yes. it is what you think it is. Run from one bar to another. I am pretty sure that cannot be good for anyone.... even the superheros that joined in. 
Talk about buns that are hard as rock! (above)
(Below) we spent part of a day playing in this plaza with the water. 
(above) I need your input. I am thinking about using one of these for our Christmas cards this year. Which one, if any, do you like?
(below)Grandma got a new camera! This was her first time getting to use it an boy did she take a lot of pictures! 

So, with all that "said" if you have not visited us, you should. And if you have not gone to San Antonio, you should do that too. And now I am off to finish preparations for the SuperWHY party for the toddler this weekend. 

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