Thoughts on the Treadmill: Part V

by - October 23, 2010

I have been pensive lately. I think it is rooted in my tennis shoes. After much too long of wear, they began speaking to me. It happened at volleyball on Thursday. I think it was the MudRun that made them finally speak out. But rather than just calmly talking it over, they went on strike and began to walk away from me! Yes folks, the soles came off the shoe part and I was forced to by shoes today. But I came across this scripture which got me thinking.

1Nephi 16:8 And thus my father had fulfilled all the commandments of the Lord which had been given unto him.
So I went to the mall. With the Toddler. She wore a pink jumpsuit and slept in the pink Quinny Stroller. I wanted her to blend into the material apparently. And I realized that:

~I sometimes get my needs and wants mixed up.
~I am much to frugal in somethings and not very much in others.
~I need to simply-fy.
~I think that will be my goal for 2011
~I think I need to break that down into babysteps
~I should go to the bathroom before I leave the house, especially if it'sa #2.
~Life has a way of not going as planned.
~And every girl wants to be beautiful. Hence the retailers and overflowing of children in princess dresses at the Disney store.
With these thoughts on my mind, I just felt thankful. I felt a little guilty. I felt humbled. And chastened. Do you know what happened further in Ch 16? Lehi received the Liahona. Was it a gift for fulfilling all the commandments of the Lord? A "real" "touchable" way to gauge faith? I thought about my faith and my commandments I have received. I wouldn't say I am one who fulfills them all. Yup, not even close.
Later on in the chapter, Nephi's bow breaks and as a result, they are not able to get food. Ever been hungry? Let me just say MISERABLE! There is grumbling after that. I thought "how can they be so forgetful? How can they miss the blessings of the Lord? How can they (meaning Lehi because I stink at not judging) fulfill all the commandments of the Lord and then lose his faith in Him?

-------Insert mirror or reflection of self--------
Whats the point? What is the conclusion?
I don't need to use the treadmill to have paradigm-shifting thoughts. Just a pink stroller, a toddler, and an enclosed area.

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