Ultimate girls day

by - October 03, 2010

Meet Team Southern Belles!

Need I say more? Here we are, me and three really incredible women. We had two other incredible women but with so many people we could not find them. Just picture over 30,000 participants and that doesn't include family members, volunteers etc. We had cheerleaders and bands on ever corner it seemed. For me it was emotional. I don't have a real connection with breast cancer yet but to see so many people running in memory of those who have lost the fight or are fighting the fight... well, it was a lot. Good thing there were some of these for comedic relief

There was football teams and fire departments etc running. There were ladies with pink wigs, in tutu's and even kids running. I saw one lady who had a shirt saying she is racing in memory of her mommy. She must have been only 30 years old. I'll be 30 in a few years and I can't even wrap my mind around that.
I hope I can make it a yearly tradition. As one of my favorite shirts I saw said "Save the TaTa's"

But that was not all. Not by a long shot.....

The toddler and I had a girls night out! The hubbs often takes her for a day out. Once it was to Kentucky for the weekend while I had a wedding to do. The other time I was going to at baby showers all day so he took her to THREE museums! I am little jealous they get to do so much so I decided that it was my time.

The hubbs went to Conference and we went... SHOPPING!! (yes, she is now two and can say shopping! It is more like "hopping" though)

We went to Treats! in Vintage. I got a Chocolate&Vanilla and she got her own mini cupcake.

and we saw these horses too. Pretty amaxing. Thats Texan for amazing.

Talk about original! We spent the rest of the day shopping, I mean hopping and finally got home after 9p.

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