Elephants and half-naked men

by - November 29, 2010

otherwise known as the Texas Ren Fest.We went, we ate, we laughed, and then we cried as we SAT for THREE HOURS waiting to move one inch in our car from the parking lot. But I won't bring up past hurts or offenses. Or be the downer in an otherwise happy post. Or dwell on things that get my goat. I really like my goat by the way and I just rather not let him get got. 
we saw this.... for three hours. That is all I will say about that. 

this is

this is Chris. our African Elephant. 

the MTKM fam with the Last Airbender

awe... too bad the toddler is refusing to look. Its her new stage. Whatever that means

obviously we were under-dressed. But boy of boy did we have fun!

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