Lame internet Family Christmas Card

by - December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!
What a year, what a YEAR! I tell ya, we have been busy at my house. Dad’s been working hard and playing hard and spoiling mom and me. Mom and I started Pre-school. Well, I started pre-school and mom teaches. I am such a smart little girl now. I went on the BEST daddy-daughter date ever in February to Louisville. Mom has been growing her event planning business and had wedding so we took off to surprise some family in Kentucky. Boy was that a fun trip! Then... my Grandma Hansen and my aunties met us in San Antonio for my birthday and we played and played! I loved going to Six Flags and eating on the Riverwalk. We went to the Alamo and that is where this picture was taken. Later on in the year mom and dad went on a week long cruise and I stayed on shore. I really missed them but at least I didn’t cry like my mommy did! I had two aunts get married so we went to visit both Utah and California and it was wonderful! I love this time of year and am very thankful for the birth and life of my Savior.
Love, Jaedyn Maliana Hansen (The Toddler)

ps: I couldn't decide so there, there are three awesome pictures I am sure you will want to blow up and use as wall paper. Or doggy paper. Whatever

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