My favorite things... not that it really matters.

by - December 08, 2010

I think for my own peace of mind I have to remember at times what make me "ME"
And for your reading pleasure you can know as well:

I am impulsive
I am indecisive
I can't function normally. (insert Laugh or "I KNEW it here). What I mean is, I need (yes need) to be overwhelmed. I blame it on my otherwise depressional state .
I am not opinionated about most things in life but tend to think I know it all
I do not tend to get upset. Unless I sit in water. That really makes me mad. And being woken up by being tickled. Seriously does ANYONE like that?
I love hot chocolate, not regular chocolate. (exception: Pretzel m&m and Lindt)
I love reading
I love movies
I love my Husband, baby, extended family and my Savior. Not in that order btw.

so, what makes you, you? Go ahead. Tell

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