Da Mama Kana and Dad Kay

by - January 06, 2011

I was writing about this in Jaedyn's own online journal and I thought I should share it with those of you who don't live close to us or haven't seen us in awhile. "Mama Kana" is what the Toddler calls her mom. We love it and think it is adorable. She first started calling her that when she went to Sacramento for her Aunt's wedding. Everyone there called her "Makana" so she must have thought "why am I the only one calling her Mom?" So she combined the two "Mama Kana." In Utah she saw me and called me "Kay" "Dad". Mostly I am just "Dad," but I still get "Kay" sometimes. In addition, she also came up with a different version for the Momma in Utah when you started also calling her "da Kana Mom" as in "wherz da Kana Mom?" and "ders da Kana Mom".

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