WWJD - My Jimmer Shirts

by - January 24, 2011

So I made one of these shirts on Zazzle a while ago for the momma. The the Momma got a $50 credit through Groupon so I thought I would make a couple more for the big game in Fort Worth next month. We sure love Jimmer around here so we thought we would pay homage to him the best way we knew how - through cheesy T-Shirt slogans.

Anyway, speaking of big games - this Wednesday is the most anticipated game of the year. BYU vs SDSU at the Marriott Center. Go Cougs and Go Jimmer! POY in my opinion.

Speaking of POY (person of the year in this case), my little brother deserves a shout out because this same day, Wednesday, he'll be heading off to the MTC to learn Spanish (among other things) to better serve, love and teach the Hispanic people of Cleveland, OH! We love you Tanner! You will be a great missionary and I can't wait to hear your missionary stories.

Oh and here is a panel of my Zazzle store and the T-shirts.

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