I have something to tell you

by - March 25, 2011

and it involves Australia and the three of us. But, until then (possibly Monday), I will share something else.
I went shopping. Clothes shopping. Today. Hello its a big deal! Last year I took a vow to not shop for a year. When I made that I should have gone shopping and got new jeans and basic tees etc. But I didn't. And I still haven't got new jeans. I should. They have holes. And I am sure I am unsightly... or super cool. That all depends on who you ask I suppose. My mom says unsightly. My teenage brother says cool.


The toddler will wear clothes ONLY if I can convince her it is "PRINCESS" worthy AND if it is a skirt/dress. I made all of these hoping it would improve her sad closet state. (there is also a Texas Longhorns one I made from an old t-shirt I forgot to snap a picture of)

The last one I made a skirt to match since this little girl thinks that the momma needs to wear skirts all the time too. I thought I was just so crafty and she would love it and shower me with hugs and kisses and adoration and....
Now doesn't that face say happy! Its even A tinkerbell dress. Yeup, she hates it. She won't wear it. She gets more excited over eating broccoili. 
I think the best part is that while shopping today she picked out a pink shirt for the hubbs. She said he needed to be a princess too. :) 

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