Please bless Japan

by - March 15, 2011

It was Friday Morning. March 11, 2011. The toddler has been violently ill and I was on night duty with her. Casually I picked up my incredibly smart smart phone and saw a lot of FB posts from my friends in Hawaii.

Prayers Needed
Ring of fire

I was instantly alert. My brother and sister live there. In Hawaii. I had just dreampt of earthquakes and big waves that night (not a sing, just your normal re-occurring bad dream for life), I quickly text-ed the, then I called and called. Everyone was safe for now. I was glued to my phone and the TV for the next few hours.

I realize that as I write this, many people are having similar feelings. I also realize that while Hawaii has millions for $$ in damage, there is no loss of life or livelihood... for the most part at least.

But then there is Japan.

And there are my tears.

How my heart hurts for them. Those mothers, brothers, fathers, daughters.... Those now orphaned children and widowed spouses. I. Can't. Imagine.


When the hubbs got up I was crying and trying to tell him what was happening. (Uhm, I cry a lot if you haven't noticed). We have been just praying and thinking about you Japan. I had a friend named Hiromi in Hawaii. We both were returned missionaries and just got back and in the same awkward-after-mission-stage. She is so beautiful and kind. And I thought about her. I wanted to help. I wanted to fly over there and hug them all and bring them all home to my little apartment. All 2 milllion plus of them. I just wanted to do something.

And I am. And so can you. You can give here.

All 100% of your donation goes to the relief fund. No overhead costs. All 100%.

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