proof that I am capable

by - March 23, 2011

Big sigh................
So folks, I have been taking an online political course. I sorta love it. Its through BYU. And I am happy to report that after a bit of waiting nervously (red pen in mouth most defiantly qualifies for nervous)

Giving dirty, impatient looks to the camera....

I found out....
that yours truly is truly capable of getting an A!

But, my capabilities doesn't just stop there. Oh no siree. 
I can ask my child what she wants for dinner. 
and she will tell me ice cream. And I will say... OF COURSE!
and sometimes I even shock myself and stand in wonder and awe at just how capable I can be behind a camera
this is Kai. The Toddler LOVES to play with him weekly. And at our group FHE I saw him in his darling hat and couldn't resist. I blame the perfect picture on my untapped capablilites. 
(or the sweet light and awesome camera and very photogenic child)

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