Three things, maybe four and red lipstick

by - March 01, 2011

1) Pioneer Trek Prep
2) What to do with the toddler panty plastic thing
3) Old Hutch remodel
4)I heart red lipstick

Lemme just give a little shout out to all you who THINK you have a boring life. HOLLAH!!! :) In my often silly-and-failed attempts at trying to live a quote "exciting" life, I realized that every moment is what you make it. Not as one of those fortune cookie saying moments but rather in a Lightbulb moment (picture Gru: reference Despicable Me) I get it. I hardly ever get things that like. But I got this one. At least for now. I can't promise it will be the same tomorrow.
And now for your viewing pleasure;;;;;; (those means drumroll or something like that)

Tuna triangle. Basically cheese and tuna. But its in puff pastry. Everything is better in puff pastry. Example: Tuna

 One of my projects. I turned this old hutch (thanks Club Larsen) into an art center. I added the cork board, painted it, (the hutch and cork) and got some nifty chalkboard paint. This was done 12 months ago but I never bragged about. Here is me bragging. Note: I made the toddler as well... with help of course. Tutu made by Tia Tia
I am just full of good ideas! See? Since we are potty training, I have some of these and knew there was a purpose aside from holding Ariel Underwear. Add a Color-wonder mini book and pens. Now I have a purse size bag of fun that wont get lost in my bottomless bag! Thank you panty-bag

  In a few short weeks I will be on the trek with these folks as a photographer/assistant. Me=Happy
 Im not her. I want to be. At least her lips. And her mad camera skills. But I can't. So I copy. I heart red lipstick. The hubby not so much. Red lipstick... not the hubby. I hope that is clear as mud

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