Awkward and Awesome... I WON!

by - April 07, 2011

One of my favorite blogs is this gal. And as I walked in today to my room and felt embarrassed and KNEW i had to talk about it. So... here is my Awkward and Awesome Thursday.

1) having to spell check Awkward EVERY TIME I write it
2) realizing I left my work out clothes on the bedroom floor in my rush to get ready for work. Usually not a big deal EXCEPT that the maintainance guy was over while I was at work and my cute blue undies were right there in the MIDDLE of the floor. (I am HOPING it was camouflaged by my blue running shorts)
3) "You should never sew on Sunday" What was going through my head in my mom's voice as I tried to sew on Sunday only to have the sewing machine stop. A lot. She was right.
4) walking out for enrichment and the hubbs says "uhm... are those your new/old jeans you cut?"
Me: yup, and they are so comfy!
Hubbs: They are kinds trashy
5) wearing my red lipstick feeling OH SO HOT and the toddler pointing at me and laughing saying "mommy silly lips!!!

1) actually making dinner every night this week. None of which included leftovers
2) Baby is almost potty-trained!
3) using my old holey jeans and making a pair of new capri's and a new jean skirt!
4) walking up the three flights of stairs to my apt and holding hands with the hubbs. I realized that doesn't happen often.
5) getting these little beauties in the mail! SCREEEAAM! (yes, I WON SOMETHING from here)
...(a full blog on these darling accessories to come)

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