Brigham Young Univ: hawaiian style

by - April 29, 2011

I was thinking about my dreams for the toddler and also my own dreams. ....
 to become a princess like Kate :)
Win 10 million dollars
Swim across the atlantic
visit Turkey
Get a Ph.D
One of them was to go to BYU: Hawaii. 

I did. It was unbelievable. I went before and after my mission. 
before my mission, I had played volleyball for my first two years of college, got my AA, had a few boyfriends and broken hearts and an eating disorder. 
hawaii changed all that. 
I made life long friends (see below)
I met a boy who treated me well and thought i was in love, turned out it sorta was but mostly was not.
 (that was NOTHING compared to what I have now)
I lived in paradise and remembered my worth as a Daughter of God. 
hawaii was so good to me. And I miss it so much that I can't even have pictures of beaches or palm tress as my screen saver because then my heart truly aches. 
After my mission I went back. It was really really hard this time. A mission changes you in so many ways.  
But I met Janella (my dallas girl above) 
Celeste (my Aussie/Kiwi girl below)
We were inseparable. I miss them. A lot. 

 And I remember that the future and being a mom and wife was so far away and vague. 
I remember NOT wanting to be that one bit for a long time. 
But these girls really helped me. And I finally got it all in place
And even as I write this my little heart hurts for the past and the carefree life

But I know that I am who I am and where I am and because of that beautiful place. 

and that, my friends, is why I want my daughter to go to BYUH. 
To go on a mission
 To make friends that change you forever and forever
and laugh and laugh and laugh

(disclosure: don't these pictures make you smile and think of your own friends? If so, give them a call!)

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