The Simple Things

by - April 17, 2011

A day of worship.
The Holy Sabbath.

All these words come to my mind. This week there has been heart-wrenching pain. This week has been a week of realizing my faults. My Imperfections. It has been a time for me to reflect on life and the things that matter and just how precious each moment is. This whole year it seems has brought with it mostly moments or deep sorrow and despair....

loss of loved ones
loss of dreams
loss of not-so-important things (but I didn't think so at the time)
loss of two cell phones  (there is my attempt at comic relief and wit)

There are a few bright spots of love and life and surviving and being able to make it one more day.  And that is ok. It is imperfect like that. And it is in these bright, happy, peaceful times that I really feel that assurance and love from my Heavenly Father. That is what gets me through one valley to the next hill and even allows me to share that love with the people around me.

Even if I am slightly imperfect like these socks....

or this bunny....

tried to make them like this. Obviously it did not work out.
and I laughed.

We are all imperfect. We all have shortcomings. But we have talents. And we are unique. And I can do hard things.  

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