Sorta on vaca...

by - April 26, 2011

... now what!?

I'm sorta house sitting.
I am sorta on vacation.
And I really really love it.
A lot.

My sis is on vaca to Europe. I know. Color me green. But actually I am just so happy because she is such a good sister and deserves to go for two years weeks to a thousand six countries. See... pretty huh?

I live 15 minutes away from her house. And I am currently at her house to feed the bearded dragon named Summer.

She likes worms.
The big kind.
its cool/gross

We live in an apt. It is nice, cheap, and close and cheap and well, it is an apt. And while my sister is on vacation in Europe, I am on vacation from my apt. And even though my phone screen shattered, and I lost my SD card for my SLR, and even though I no longer have internet on my phone, I am at my sisters. I am on vacation. And I keep telling myself that and it makes me happy.

And when I am happy, so is everyone else around me.

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