Awkward Thursdays

by - May 19, 2011

1) asking a lady at the parking lot of Bouncing bears where the door is. Her reply: "Its right in front of you".
2) The lady at the post office looking at my big box to mail and saying "you aren't planning on using THAT are you?" (I do have to say she was really nice and helped be out afterwards)
3) Talking to a lady at work and realizing that I had pieces of almond in my teeth. Not the white nut part, but the brown outside part.
4) Me: "Oh baby girl, why are you so sad?" Toddler: "Because I am not so happy!" Right. Now what do I say. Just mark me down for stupid question of the day 30 and it is only 10am.

please excuse the truck. It was big and hard to avoid

1) Bouncing bears.
2) my VT emailing me to see if she can watch my daughter while I get ready for our trip. Uhm.... you bet!!!
3) Planning the date this week to gear up for our tip. Think: Hawaii. I know, jealous aren't ya :)
4) having a "conversation" via Facebook with my 14 year old brother. It went down like this: (note: send and email to FB thanking them for a way to communicate with the teenager. On second thought, I still am not sure I like FB)

and guess who is having a baby!!!
yup. Sydney. Talk about cutest pregnant lady ever
and be sure to check out...

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