Cinco De Mayo and my little love

by - May 05, 2011

Seriously, it has been a week? Coulda fooled me. But today is Cinco De Mayo! And I think it calls for a little celebration. "That'll do pig, that'll do"

  1. photo shoots with my brother
  2. sitting in Red Robin only to realize AFTER i ordered that my wallet is home in my PPB Bag. (luckily I am prepared and had my stash-o-cash in my purse
  3. having dreams of living in the 16th century. over and over No thank you very much please
  4. having a night long dream of an old flame. Seriously?! Its been like a million years! 
  5. having a laughing fit/giggle attack at home. All alone. By myself. So awkward. The more i thought about it though, the funnier it became

  1. shopping at Platos Closet and scoring big time
  2. photo shoot with my brother
  3. realizing I have a non-jammed pack weekend (this is rare)
  4. having the hubbs back from Vegas
  5. more baby announcements from friends and family! Love the little 10 toes
  6. The death of Osama Bin Laden

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