Date Idea: Oahu, HI

by - May 20, 2011

We are two destinations down... and 38 to go for the 40 dates around the world!
 So let me first say....


Your eyes do not deceive you my friends. Texas is for Lovers is headed to Hawaii for our date this week!
 (Japan is next week folks)
Jeaoulous much?  
(actually, we really are going to Oahu)
Good thing I am SO gosh dang nice and will show you what we did step-by-so you can do it to.

I started by giving him this
but I made it cute like this
and had our picture from our last trip to hawaii out

you can start your morning of fun off with some yummy Hawaiian breakfast 
(my choice would have been Spam Musubi but the hubbs think it is "so nasty" quote)

Coco-Mac Nut French toast

When he got home I had this waiting for him

Then we headed for a day of tanning, "surfing" and some relaxing
actually, eating is first. We had Pina-Colada drinks and Hawaiian Burgers
We went to Darque Tan to get our tan on (free week)
Spent the evening surfing (read long boarding)

and then finished the evening off with PCC Pineapple Ice cream treat
After picking up the toddler, we watched some good ole' Hawaii 5-0
I will say I REALLY wanted to see this though
but the only show times were late late late :(

we tried to got o the pool or spa but it was closed. 
so we had a little hawaiian dance show (I am part Hawaiian ya'know)
I will stop there because the rest is plain just none yo' buisnez.

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