Simple things: friends

by - May 01, 2011

First off eager readers, go see what i WON!! It here. Jealous? Well, just go get one for yourself mmmmkay?

Second off eager readers, did this week just FLY by?! Well, it did for me I gotta tell ya. But I like Sundays. they are calm and energize me. I really enjoy church and my duties there and LOVE being able to visit with the very special ladies I get to visit with.

Well, enough talk. Here is some sunflare action for y'all (yes, she did just type y'all because if she was talking to you in person she would have said y'all, At least I reckon she would have )

This is my friend "K". He used to be one of my students. 
He loves his family, being a big brother and my little girl just could play all day at their house
This week I spent thinking about friends so if you suddenly heard from me from out of the blue this week, it is because you are my friend and you were on my mind. (check out this weeks posts)

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