Awkward Thursdays

by - June 02, 2011

The thing about traveling is that coming back home is a bit of a bummer.

1. Almost losing the hubbs over the cliff (actually on of my fav pictures bc it was totally candid)
2. Being told that the guy I was staring at is Jack Johnson. Then whispering to NOT shout out to him so we don't look like freakish-stalker-tourists. Then wishing I had. Hubbs is right, again. 
3. Trying to sleep in today but having the toddler pour milk on my head. Seriously? How did she even get that?!
4. Talking to a stranger with very very bad breath. Thinking " I really should tell them"
5. Ending up on a booze-cruise cleverly disguised as a sunset cruise

1. My new Sister Ashlee and her downright lovable family
2. Teds Chocolate Hupia pie
3. Finally meeting Cheryl. Everyone should meet Cheryl
4. The hubbs saying yes to everything I asked for on vaca. Even Spam Musibi and Nori Rice crackers
5. Two days of being alone together in Hawaii. That means sleeping in, making out, and eating puka dogs for dinner and for breakfast

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