Best Birthday Idea yet!

by - June 11, 2011

I figured it out.

If I am super lazy all week, read a book series instead of doing anything actually productive, then at the end of the week I come up with a good idea! 
Go ahead. Try it. 
But you will have to get used to eating cereal without milk. Yes, you read that right, I was enjoying my week of not doing anything at all too much to buy milk. It could have been worse. 

I was inspired by this from It is what it is

And there are so many uses for CD sleeves besides actually using them for storing cds! 
You can put a cookie inside
.... or candy.... 
but stay away from ice cream. Not that ice cream is a bad idea... just when you put it in a cd sleeve it is. 
Okay, I obviously should take it slow when I am trying to re-enter the world of doing something.  

Font: Budma Juggler
Blank CD sleeves
leftover scrapbook paper
Birthday-humans favorite candy

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