Eating in Hawaii

by - June 03, 2011

"All I have done on this vacation is EAT!"
real quote from the hubbs
Angels Halo.: Shaved ice over ice cream, topped with three flavors, topped with sweetened condensed milk, and whip cream 

Yeup, that is what we Hawaiians do best. Cook and eat. And it was awesome in every way imaginable

And another funny story: Retold by dad
"So my friend says: Brah, you seen what da Hoales (white-folks) do wit da pork?"
dad: "No"
Friend: "they put it in a roll! And itz good too brah. Dis whole time and they jus put it in a roll....."

...if only dad would of thought of that, then I would be a millionaire. Or at least heir to one.

so these where our favorite places:
Kahuku Grill- BEST BURGERS I have ever had in my life
Puka Dogs
St. Louise Shave Ice
Angels Shave Ice
Teds Bakery
boys posing outside Teds. Pretty sure I have NO idea why the hubbs looks pregnant.
Oh wait, yes I do... he has done nothing but EAT on the vacation!

The PCC Has THE BEST Tahitian Coconut Bread.

And now you can make it too. You will think you have just died and gone to Heaven and  thank me later. 

But when you are at the PCC, be watchful of small  Fijian tatooed men

and Samoan spear hunters

Getting pushed in the river

and having your 2 hour old Husband take you with him. 

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