Mawage, is what bwings us here twoday

by - June 07, 2011

Congrats to Jon Limary. Thank you for bringing Ashlee into our lives. 

Ok, I know I am biased but seriously folks, these two really are such a beautiful couple. 
Some people! lol
note: these are all snapshots I took. They are not the real wedding photos. There was a real photographer for that. :)
Can you tell what the colors were? Frr the record, I liked Ashlee even more after she told me since those were my colors as well. And look at these beautiful girls!
Oh don;t you look so handsome? 
Here we all (almost) are. We are missing two siblings. But c'mon. With 10 of us, 8 is pretty good! 
 why there you are huge Hawaiian nose. I  have been looking for you. 
 This is ONE reason why everyone needs a sister. Who else will tell you that you need powder? 
 The dress was handmaid. Can I saw gorgeous? Why yes, I can. I just did in fact
 In case you thought people eventually matured in this family of mine... 
 And apparently we don't either. Not ever. 
 Hello Dorkus. I am happy you are my little sister with perfect teeth and thumbs
 ... if you like it then you better put a ring on it.... 
Surprise twirly hug-kiss!

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