Awkward Thursdays

by - July 07, 2011

1.Totally 100% thinking I was pregnant. And then not being pregnant. 
Good thing Blue Bell ice cream is here to help me through this time. 
2. This picture: Gotta find ways to laugh!
and that would be current-missionary Tanner, hubby, and soon-to-be-dentist JD. Don't you ever wonder about missionaries and Dentists when they are not all serious?

1. Having my submission come up over at Shelby's place. Go check it out!

2.Having our July 4th Shirts featured on Kiki Creates
3. and finding this picture too! Me and some of my SIL
didn't want to leave them out today with my gushy post over at Because she does

And don't forget to go over and cast your vote for me pppretty ppplease?

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