I am a Mormon.

by - July 12, 2011

Are you still my friend? Did you un-follow me? Just watch this first. 
There has been A LOT of news about Mormons in the news. Even Buisnessweek did a really great article on us as well as CNN. And I wanted to stand up (not literally as that would make typing hard) and say that I am a mormon. Actually, we prefer the term LDS or Latter-Day Saint.  I am not one to speak up or out about my beliefs although I did serve a 18 month LDS mission. It was in Omaha Nebraska. And it was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It changed me in ways that I cannot explain. I came to know my Savior so much more.
One of my favorite little ladies is Sam from Young People in Love. And her cutie mister filmed this. You can find out more by going here And in case you are wondering, we are NOT a cult and NOT polygamists.
We believe in Christ as our Savior, the Bible, the Book of Mormon and Prophets today.
And there you go. Go ahead and cyber-stalk the links. And... I am happy. I know God loves me. And I know He guides me and sometimes I am asked to walk by faith.
just thought I would share...

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