Inspiration from the Sunday Comics

by - July 31, 2011

On occasion, I read the Sunday Funnies in the Newspaper to get a few chuckles (being an engineer, Dilbert is always a fave). Thanks to the guys over at Baby Blues, I got a little more out today. 

(I don't want to download the clip here out of fear of copyright violation so click the link above to read the strip)

After I read it , I thought to myself, "self, I need to do a lot better at building my wife's confidence up, especially because there are so many forces constantly telling her that she isn't quite good enough. And let's be honest, she (like almost all women I know), already is hard enough on herself without all that extra crap as it is. That's why I think the work that my sister is doing is so admirable over on her "because she does" feature. However, as Kirkman and Scott correctly point out, the husband can have the greatest influence over his wife's self confidence by saying a kind word or two a day instead of adding to the negative that is already there. So anyway, it's just a great reminder to us husbands out there. Maybe I'll follow my brother's example and do my own weekly feature about why my wife is so great. (doubtful though, I'm not disciplined enough)

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