Awkward Thursday

by - August 18, 2011

I turned 29. It was mostly awesome.
-Breakfast in bed
-Lunch with surprise guests
-New clothes
-Painting from my MIL of the Toddler
-Salad for dinner (fresh from the garden)
-Opening of Etsy store
-Hubby sending me flowers from ProFlowers

But there have been awkward moments:
-Having gas at D.I. Way too many people to find a spot "out of the way". Gas hurts when you hold it
-Getting money shoved in my bra. Although it was $10 so that was nice
-Having $1 ice cream from Maverics and trying to eat it all before it melts. Note: Vanilla is WAY better than Huckleberry-whatever-tart-cream flavor
-Thinking I took more pictures than I did and wondering what happened to them

 The toddler's little friend who lives next door. Enjoying the beach in the basement

You can be jealous. I won this $60 purse from Helen at Mona Lisa Consignments. It has got to be the best thing since bottled water,  for reals. 

PS- Happy Anniversary to my lover and me! Yeah for 4 years.

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