Awkwardness prevails

by - August 05, 2011

1. Doing this post and pretending it is THURSDAY rather than FRIDAY.
2. STILL waiting for lawyers and red tape in order to move into our home. Bleh
3. I used to like Mondays. Until Monday. This was a really rotten Monday
4. Hubby: Did you know your car stinks. Me: Like what? Hubby: Moldy diapers or something.
Yeah... that is smell that has proved impossible to find the cause of AND to get rid of.
5. Not wearing a bra. All day. In public places too. Although, pretty sure I am little enough that it doesn't matter. In my defense, i was in a hurry and sorta forgot about it. Now, don't you judge me!

1. We have been invited to a Harry Potter Party tomorrow. Oh, you JUST WAIT for the pictures. You will be amazed
2. It's not monday!
3. Packing boxes that we didn't have to pay for. Those babies are expensive!
4. My daughter loves Word Girl. Ever watch that? I love Word Girl too. I always knew she was my fav daughter
5. Selling all of our violins.

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